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Mary Ann Miller

Mary Ann Miller is a global authority on enterprise fraud and risk management. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge in decision analytics, operational excellence, and customer centricity, Ms. Miller consults with financial institutions worldwide to establish business and technology strategies pertinent to the cultural climate and individual business needs. Over the course of her career, Ms. Miller has worked in Europe for 10 years and has vast global experience across six continents. She is a high-performance leader and her footprint has left an indelible mark in each position held, cutting fraud losses dramatically, by as much as 75% in some cases, and saving financial institutions tens of millions in fraud prevention.

As of February 2011, Ms. Miller joined NICE Actimize to head the financial crime consulting and industry relations practice and lead the development of fraud-focused strategic consulting services. The Actimize consulting services are driven by four key strategic pillars, namely strategic guidance, performance enhancement, compliance, and on demand services. As an integral part of the Actimize team, Ms. Miller is able to leverage over 150 years of combined experience of the Actimize fraud subject matters experts, consisting of extensive expertise in financial crime strategy management, fraud management lifecycle, fraud risk modeling and analytics, and much more. Additionally, Ms. Miller has access to and the support of key Actimize resources, including R&D, product, analytics, professional services, and more, to ensure clients receive the greatest value from their investment.

In her previous directorships and executive roles in fraud strategy at USAA, eBay/PayPal, and Lloyds Banking Group, Ms. Miller provided a strategic business perspective on establishing financial crime analytics across the enterprise. She has also guided cross-functional teams in complex fraud implementations designed to minimize criminal activities. Ms. Miller started her career in loss prevention, investigations, and operations in the retail and banking industries and has also held several leadership positions in global fraud consulting in the information technology and services industry.

Prior to joining NICE Actimize, Ms. Miller was Executive Director, Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Strategy & Analytics at USAA. In this role, she ensured consistent and optimal execution of data decision models as well as oversaw rules management and developed future data and analytics capabilities for fraud and AML risk management. She also led the formulation of a multiyear evolving strategy for best-in-class fraud and AML analytics across all channels, products, and lines of business to minimize risk and maximize customer experience.

Previously as the Director of Fraud Detection Strategies for eBay/PayPal, Ms. Miller led a consumer and merchant risk management team tasked with managing back-end distribution of risk strategy for a company with 78 million active accounts and 200 million customers in 190 markets globally. Ms. Miller has been formidable in overcoming major risk challenges by providing a strategic perspective, implementing previously non-existent risk policies and practices, and establishing and delivering a substantial boost in risk management capabilities.

At Lloyds Banking Group, she held the positions of Fraud Strategy Director and Head of Fraud Infrastructure, managing all functions and activities within the fraud / risk organization in financial services with a multi-billion market cap. In addition to planning and successfully implementing fraud prevention strategies / infrastructure for the U.K. retail bank, she launched the first cross-channel transaction platform in Europe with state-of-the-art analytics and technology, now considered the gold standard.

Ms. Miller is regularly called on to speak and lead training on fraud prevention and reduction at an array of industry conferences around the world. She is also a former member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI). Ms. Miller pursued extended studies in Criminal Justice Science from the University of North Carolina as well as Criminal Law / Education at Kent State University. She has also attended the Lloyds Leadership Training at Judges Business School at Cambridge and Myles Downy School of Coaching in the UK.