TCH Annual Conference

Jack P. Jennings, II

Mr. Jennings advises financial institutions on regulatory matters. Prior to joining Chain Bridge Partners, he was a Senior Associate Director in the Federal Reserve Board’s Division of Supervision and Regulation (S&R). He was the senior officer with direct oversight of supervision programs for several banking portfolios, including Large and Foreign Banking Organizations (non-GSIBs w/assets > $50B), Regional Banking Organizations (assets $10-$50B), Community Banking Organizations (assets < $10B), Foreign Banking Organizations (assets < $50B), and Savings and Loan Holding Companies. Mr. Jennings was a key advisor to the Board and the Supervision Committee on significant policy initiatives that affected the conduct of supervision in all of his portfolios, including implementation of the enhanced prudential standards under Regulation YY for large and foreign banks and corporate governance matters. Mr. Jennings holds a B.A in Economics from the University of Virginia.