TCH Annual Conference

Erwin Kulk

Erwin Kulk has been working in the domain of interbank payment processing since 1998. He joined EBA CLEARING in 2012 to support the development of STEP2, the Company’s pan-European ACH, with a focus on supporting the SEPA migration. Since 2015, Erwin has been responsible for the management of the existing EURO1 (for high value Euro payments), STEP2 (for pan-European retail payments) and RT1 (the first pan-European instant payment system) services as well as the development of new services.

EBA CLEARING is the leading private industry provider of pan-European payment infrastructure services, covering large value, retail and instant payments in euro. Founded in 1998, the company is owned by over 40 of the major banks operating in Europe and based on a country-neutral governance model. Close to 200 banks are direct users of the payment services of EBA CLEARING.