TCH Annual Conference

Brian Shniderman

Brian is Deloitte’s Global Cross-Industry Payments Practice Leader, overseeing the top ranked Payments practice with team members in 64 countries. He has designed and rolled out real-time payments systems in multiple countries, across B2B and B2C payments for banks, bank consortiums, corporates, merchants and central banks. Brian launched the practice in 2006 when he joined Deloitte. He possesses more than 30 years of experience successfully helping CXOs implement high-visibility, complex payment strategy, operations, and technology initiatives. He frequently helps clients design, pilot and roll out new products, mobile payments solutions, assists with mergers and acquisitions, large scale payments operational transformations, and oversees the migration and rollout of recommended solutions through full implementation. Brian has pioneered and patented methods for segmenting consumers and creating real-time affinity groups to dramatically increase share of wallet and spend. He has led several first of their kind research studies on consumer behavior for payments. He was recognized as an innovator of the year by Fortune for introducing an approach for B2B payments.