TCH Annual Conference

Barnabas Reynolds

Barnabas (Barney) Reynolds is Global Head of the Financial Services Industry Group at Shearman & Sterling. He advises all types of financial market participants as well as governments on the London, European and global markets. He focuses on financial institution law, regulation and legal risk management, both domestically and cross-border.

Barney is also immersed in the development of law, regulation and policy. He created and developed the model for Enhanced Equivalence, adopted by the UK Government for its future relationship with the EU, and subsequently by the EU itself. He also published detailed draft Treaty and legislative texts for Enhanced Equivalence. He has published "The Art of the No Deal" (Politeia, November 2017), in which he set out detailed work-arounds for a no-deal Brexit outcome across all financial industry sectors, which are in use in most firms across the City and beyond. He has also helped various countries in setting up new legal and regulatory regimes, most notably Abu Dhabi’s ADGM just over 3 and a half years ago, which is now financial centre number 26 in the world (Z/Yen index).