TCH Annual Conference

Barnabas Reynolds

Barnabas Reynolds is head of the global Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory Group at Shearman & Sterling. His practice focuses on financial regulation and legal risk management, including in the context of cross-border legal, regulatory and insolvency regimes. Barnabas has advised governments around the world on establishing new financial centres. Most recently, Barnabas has been at the forefront of discussions of how Brexit will affect financial businesses in the U.K. and globally. He has authored "A Blueprint for Brexit: the Future of Global Financial Services and Markets in the UK" and "A Template for Enhanced Equivalence: Creating a Lasting Relationship in Financial Services between the EU and the UK". The Template forms the basis of the U.K. Government's proposed enhanced equivalence model for trade in financial services between the U.K. and the EU post-Brexit. Barnabas has also more recently authored "Free Trade in UK-EU Financial Services – How Best to Structure a Brexit Free Trade Deal", October 2018.