TCH Annual Conference

Adam Gilbert

Adam advises PwC’s clients' boards of directors and senior executives on risk and regulatory issues, including the business planning impacts of regulation and the strategic implementation of new and evolving requirements. With 29 years of experience working on regulatory matters at JPMorgan Chase and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Adam brings private and public sector perspectives to PwC’s clients.

As a Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase, Adam was a key advisor to the senior executive team and business lines on the impact of regulation and on approaches to the implementation of regulatory change. He held leadership roles in market and credit risk policy, credit portfolio management, regulatory and supervisory relations, regulatory reporting, capital management and regulatory policy.

Adam was a member of senior committees at JPMorgan Chase on capital governance and policy, asset-liability management and reputation risk while being an active member of numerous industry groups related to capital and liquidity, risk management and regulatory reform.

Prior to JPMorgan Chase, Adam spent 10 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in roles in Bank Supervision, Credit and Discount Window and Research. During that time, Adam also was a member of the Secretariat of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision where he worked on capital regulation and other cross-border bank supervisory issues.

Adam has a Master's Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tuffs University.